My main focus of work is working in other peoples’ environments from a diverse set of backgrounds and knowing how to navigate through the many different requirements. I have assessed for extensions, adaptations such as walk in showers, through floor lifts, stair lifts, ramps, equipment.

Consultation involves: an assessment of the situation and the person in that current environment. The outcome is a report and a list of recommendations which maybe for equipment, adaptations, or a program of activity.

Consultations also take place in the workplace assessing the person who wants to return to the same environment but something needs to change; either the person’s skills or the environment itself.

Consultations are available within the mental health arena specifying a series of approaches dependent on the outcome of the individual assessment. Recommendations are not generic but are designed pertinent to the person who is being assessed within a specific environment.

Consultation 1

Assessment for equipment & adaptations + Travel.

Consultation 2

Assessment for a program of activity for rehabilitation + Travel

Consultation 3

Assessment for a program for those dealing with anxiety, disorientation and eating disorders + Travel

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