An Occupational Therapist is a health professional who works in the community and in clinics, hospitals & can operate internationally. Their interventions are based on assessing clients needs holistically enabling the client to facilitate their own improved health status. Intervention can be anything from equipment, meaningful occupational rehabilitation, and above all focusing on how the environment can shift so the person's function is not reduced but in effect can be improved greatly. They are one of the few health professionals who approach their client's in an holistic manner so that the whole person is considered throughout assessment & intervention.

The provision of social and health care is changing. Less focus on giving to the client and more inclusive in including the client in the focus of their care and rehabilitation. This has required occupational therapists to be at the forefront of change not only in the changing health landscape but also in social and geopolitical areas. It is no longer approach of dividing our therapeutic input into what we can see or cannot see, what is visible and not visible what is physical and what is psychological but incorporating the environmental factors it is essential to our delivery that the holistic health care approach is steadfastly endorsed.

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