Teaching Workshops

She has taught many modules in Health, Social Care & Holistic Therapies including the subjects below:
  • Health Promotion @ Salford University
  • Health Sciences @ Salford University
  • HIV/AIDS @ Manchester University
  • OT @ Community Health International

I offer a 3 hour workshop to undergraduate students throughout the UK based on the insights of my own personal experiences. I have worked in hospitals, clinics, predominantly in the community and have a wealth of knowledge, experience and realizations to impart to those about to embark upon their journey of Occupational Therapy. Here are just some of the areas I offer to the Schools of Occupational Therapy below:


  • How to Read & Navigate Environments
  • Intercultural Psychology
  • Yin-Yang & Holism
  • Personal self-care, Personal Development
  • Communication approaches
  • Changes to environments in terms of Adaptations
  • Alternative approaches; rehabilitation, exercise.
  • Up and coming ways of working
  • United Nations & 17 Sustainable Goals
  • Being the change Yourself!

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TEACHING SESSION - 3 HOURS £597 + TRAVEL healthyspace@hotmail.co.uk

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